Haruko Hoshino of Davao regains Japan Citizenship

One of our recent success stories was covered by NHK, featuring the recovery of Japanese nationality for Haruko Hoshino, 84, a Nikkei-jin of Davao City. Beyond the usual Nikkei-jin requirements needed to prove descendancy, PNLSC uncovered the picture of the child in this article – a picture of her as a prisoner of war (POW) in the Philippines, compiled by the US military.

Beyond regaining her Japanese identity, the NHK article also features a little glimpse of connection with her relatives who were repatriated into Japan, while she was left in the Philippines, alongside her six (6) other siblings.

In June of 2023, the NPO filed an application with the family court in Kumamoto Prefecture, her father's place of origin, on Haruko's behalf. Permission to create a new family register, and with it Japanese citizenship, was granted just over a month later.
"I have good news for you today. You have been officially recognized as a Japanese national," Inomata was happy to report. Haruko smiled but did not seem to quite take in the full meaning of what she was being told.
With the report, Inomata handed Haruko a picture. "This is Miyoko, your sister. She passed away in 2006," said Inomata. The picture shows Miyoko, who went to Japan with her father after the war, in her later years. Miyoko's family wanted Haruko to have it so that she could at least lay eyes on her sister, even if a meeting was now impossible.
– NHK on Haruko Hoshino interview

Time is running out. PNLSC is actively searching for Nikkei-jin, primarily 2nd-generation whose average age now ranges in the 80s. With time posing a challenge to the ever-fleeting nature of life, we encourage people, especially descendants of 1st and 2nd generation Nikkei-jin, to help us gather the information and whereabouts of our dear lolos and lolas. If you have leads, feel free to contact us, or your nearest local Nikkei-jin chapter.

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