Supporting Documents



Listed below are the main documents PNLSC would need in order to properly process your Japanese lineage.

  1. PNLSC General Registration with complete Family Tree.
  2. English Statement by the petitioner
  3. Certificate and logbook copy of marriage of 1st gen. from Phil. Statistic Authority (PSA), Local Civil Registry (LCR), National Archives, Jesus Latter Day Saints /MORMONS
  4. Certificate of Marriage of 1st gen from the Church where the marriage was conducted (if any)
  5. Certificate of Baptismal of 1st gen from Church (if baptized in the Phil.)
  6. Joint Affidavit in Marriage of 1st gen
  7. Photo of 1st gen (if any)
  8. Old records or documents of 1st gen like passport (if any)
  9. Death Certificate of 1st gen (if died in Phil) and spouse of 1st gen from PSA and LCR
  10. Certificate and Log Book copy of birth of the petitioner from PSA, LCR, National Archives, Jesus Latter Day Saints /MORMONS
  11. Certificate and logbook copy of the Baptismal of the petitioner from Church (if baptized)
  12. Certificate of marriage and log book copy of the petitoner from church, and LCR
  13. Joint Affidavit in Birth of the petitioner (2nd gen)
  14. Old photo of 2nd gen together with her father and mother (if any)

Understandably, due to the nature of record-keeping from old days, chances are slim when coming up with everything. Nevertheless, we encourage Nikkei-jin and their descendants to gather as much original certification and documentation.

Be sure to coordinate with your local chapter, to get the proper information and support needed, especially in acquiring such documents.



A great advantage of an established body like the PNLSC, under the MOFA of Japan, is that we only deal with the truth. Avoid dealing with people who promise unreliable documents, especially for a fee.

A negative certification is better than a falsified one. There will always be a better and more legitimate way to prove a Nikkei-jin’s identity. Be sure to check all record-keeping organizations for best results.

There may be other supporting documents you can find, not listed on this page. Please feel free to submit them.

There will always be people willing to help, and a great place to start is with people who know about the topic of being Nikkei-jin. Be sure to ask around, and don’t be shy to ask for help especially with information.


Let's start with the basics - supporting documents!